Bearing Replacements Ltd

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03 2157302

Pyper's Produce - Workshop Supervisor and Directors

Pyper’s Produce have dealt with Bearing Replacements for many years. As a large produce grower we run a lot of machinery and gear. We buy a majority of our bearings, chains and sprockets off Bearing Replacements.

Neville and the team at Bearing Replacements have always been very good to deal with, they have a good knowledge and product range. Even after hours they have been incredibly helpful. Because it is a small business, all the staff know each other well and work together as a team. They are always willing to help their clients and most of what we need is already stocked on their shelves, which means you don’t have to wait for any parts. Bearing Replacements are very prompt and reliable to deal with and we would recommend them to anyone to go to.