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About Bearing Replacements

Founded in early 2002, by Neville Beckley, Bearing Replacements has now been in business for over 15 years.

Based in Invercargill, we specialise in servicing and supplying bearings and seals, drive-chains and sprockets, vee-belts and pulleys, and many other engineering supplies for Southland and Otago’s industrial, agricultural, and automotive communities.

Our first-rate team has over 50 years of combined practical experience in providing a range of parts, supplies, and services for our customers.

Here at Bearing Replacements, we pride ourselves on our expert and friendly service, living by our motto:

"If we don’t have it – we’ll source it!"


Neville Beckley

The founder and owner of Bearing Replacements, Neville is also a sales representative for the company. He comes from a farming background and was also an engineer in the Merchant Navy.

Neville can be seen at Bearing Replacements from Monday to Wednesday and spends the rest of the week at home in Roxburgh. He has an impressive classic car collection and enjoys training racehorses.


Louise Turton

Louise works in the office and has been at Bearing Replacements for 15 years – since it all began.

Louise loves being with her family and is also heavily involved in Southland's musical theatre. Keep an eye out for her on stage!


Blair Turnbull

Blair is a trade engineer and an expert when it comes to all your engineering parts and supplies. He has been at Bearing Replacements for almost two years and is the main man when Neville is in Roxburgh. 

Blair's passion for engines is evident outside of work hours too. In the weekend he can be found on his off-road motorbike or in his Valiant. 


Kaemyn Smith